Winter on the Dingle Peninsula

Mount Brandon in Snow

bíonn an teocht ag 8°C ar an meán sa gheimhreadh - the temperature averages 8°C in the winter 

The Dingle Peninsula is an ideal winter destination with 'relatively warm temperatures,' averaging 8ºC over the winter months. The scenery can be even more spectacular in winter with dramatic Atlantic swells and moody skies. The low winter sun creates a magical light and it is easy to get out and enjoy wild empty beaches and rugged scenery. Walking is particularly popular over the winter months.

The water temperature off the Dingle Peninsula is moderated by the warming Gulf Stream with an average water temperature of 9 -10°C in the winter making water activities possible all year round. Local surfers and kite surfers just put on heavier wetsuits for the winter months. Most outdoor activities are still possible you just need to wrap up a little more!

fireside scene with an open book and a mug of tea by firelight


In Winter the Dingle Peninsula is a place of contrasts, of wilderness and warmth of adventure and peace. One moment you are standing on a windswept headland feeling like you are truly on the edge of the world, then ten minutes later you are opening a door into a warm welcoming bar where steaming hot tea, lively conversation and home cooked food warm your soul by a cosy fire. Slower and more peaceful, Dingle Peninsula is easy and pleasant to visit in winter. This is the time when local family businesses relax a little after the busy season, and sometimes close for a 2-week holiday or for renovations but most are open through the winter. Some activities are weather dependent. We advise checking ahead. See below for links to Winter Festivals and Events and providers that offer Winter Experiences on the Dingle Peninsula.