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Blasket Islands Dingle Peninsula

Two groups of islands lie off the DIngle Peninsula. The Seven Hogs or Maharee Islands off the north shore near Castlegregory where two of the Maharee islands are joined to the mainland by a sandy spit. The world renowned remote Blasket Islands lie off the most westerly tip of the Dingle Peninsula near Dunquin. 

Ferries operate to the Great Blasket Island from April to October (weather permitting) and leave from Cé Dún Chaoin (Dunquin Pier) or from the Marina in Dingle. Eco tours operate from Ceann Tra, Ventry and Dingle which will bring you on stunning boat trips around the islands.

Sea Safaris run from Sandy Bay on the Maharees Peninsula taking in Brandon bay, Tralee bay, the Maharees Islands (The Seven Hogs) the monastic settlement on Illauntannig Island and the marine wildlife of the area.

The Great Blasket Island -  An Blascaod Mór

The Blasket Islands - Na Blascaodaí

On the most western point of the Dingle Peninsula, Ireland and Europe, are The Blasket Islands (Na Blascaodaí). This stunning archipelago of islands are renowned for their magnificent beauty and rugged wildness; literary heritage of the Great Blasket,  An Blascaod Mór; magical marine life – seals, whales and dolpins; puffins and array of sea birds; the “Cathedral Rocks” of Inis na Bró; the most westerly lighthouse of Ireland - An Tiaracht; and our famous “Sleeping Giant”, An Fear Marbh (the island of Inis Tuaisceart which resembles the profile of a sleeping man on the horizon)

the Maharees Islands and tombola Dingle Peninsula

The Seven Hogs or Maharee Islands

The Magharees Sound separates the mainland from the group of islands known as The Seven Hogs. These islands which were inhabited until the 1980’s are now used as summer grazing for livestock. The largest Island  ‘Illauntannig’ named after St. Senach has an Early Christian ecclesiastical site at the edge of low cliffs on the south east side. Known as a 5th century monastic site it contains two small oratories, three clochauns (beehive huts) a souterrain, three leachts (rectangular drystone-faced mounds of stone), a burial ground and a stone cross.

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