Memories made on the Dingle Peninsula....

Photo of the Dingle Peninsula
The Dingle Peninsula.....Always Magical.....
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Hello all! It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update from the Dingle Peninsula. Things got busy all of a sudden and I found it difficult to find the time to sit down and write something worthwhile! Things are still the same here on the Dingle Peninsula…It’s quiet, we’re missing our visitors, we’re still in lockdown! Not much changes…However, there seems to be a small glimmer of hope emerging lately (finally!) – mainly a combination of the days getting longer and brighter, the dry, sunny spell of weather we’ve had recently, the continuous decline in Covid case numbers and the vaccine rollout. All these things combined make it a little bit easier to be positive about what’s to come.

As we’ve been saying for almost a year now, without a doubt, the biggest thing we miss about pre-Covid life are our visitors. The Dingle Peninsula isn’t the same without all the wonderful people who visit us every year. So, a few weeks ago, I decided to ask our followers to send us their memories, stories, pictures, videos of trips they took to the Dingle Peninsula in the past. We were absolutely blown away by the response! Memories of the Dingle Peninsula came flooding in from all directions! There are so many lovely stories that have been shared with us over the past few weeks, and it would be impossible to share them all on social media, so I’ve decided to put them together in a blog post, and probably next week’s blog post too! There’s A LOT of them. It’s been so lovely to hear the memories people have made here, why the Dingle Peninsula is special to them, and the experiences they’ve had in the area. Below are a few of the stories we received. Enjoy!

Photo of a visitor enjoying the Dingle Peninsula




Stephanie Kinney: "Like so many before and beside us, Dingle is a love of ours, too. The shorelines, ruins, birds of prey, the Distillery, the people, the pubs, the music, the charm, the history, meeting other travellers…There is no better place to us on earth!’" (Pictured left enjoying her time on the Dingle Peninsula) 

Heidi Ramsey Fecteau: "Dingle is one of our favourite places, starting with Pax House! Awesome, friendliest place ever. We were so lucky to see a world champion dancer in town! How wonderful is that! Miss Dingle, so much and cannot wait to come back to Ireland!!"


Janet McCullough McLaughlin: "My Mom and I only had a few hours in Dingle in December 2019…we walked, shopped and had a lovely lunch. It was just such a gorgeous day with my favourite person. It felt like home and like I belonged there."


Rodney O’Callaghan: "Missing the Dingle Peninsula so much. The power of the sea and the wonderful coastline is captivating. From the moment you enter the peninsula at Castlemaine or Tralee you know you are in one of the most spectacular parts of Ireland. I have been running my photography tours and workshops for a number of years in the area and made so many friends. I can’t wait to get back…" (Photo on right taken by Rodney of waves on the Dingle Peninsula) 

Image of wild waves on the Dingle Peninsula





Bridget Haley: "Dingle Peninsula was my favourite part of the trip. Coumeenole Beach!" (Pictured) 

Sharon Wallace: "I spent a week in Dingle 20 years ago. Every day, I have longed to return. The beauty of the land, the warm welcoming people and the culture they hold dear all made my time in Dingle an unforgettable experience."


Philip Garvin: "In 2004 my wife and I visited Dingle. We went to An Droichead Beag to hear some traditional Irish music. An older gentleman sang “The Town I Loved So Well”. His version brought tears to the eyes of my wife. I will never forget it. My favourite place in Ireland."


Justin Mason: "I visited for 2 days in 2019 for the Dingle Marathon. Changed my life. Beautiful place, I never wanted to leave. I cannot wait to go back and make more beautiful memories there."




Scott Love: "As a writer visiting Dingle, I enjoyed a visit to the library. I even included a fictitious Dingle as a setting for a short story."

So, there we are! Some wonderful memories of the Dingle Peninsula, and some fantastic pictures to go with them. By now, a lot of us are itching to get travelling again, so it's nice to take a moment to think back on all the memories we've created in the past to keep us going until we can once again step onto a plane! And just know, that while so many of you are dying to return to the Dingle Peninsula, we are just as eager to have you back! We are missing our visitors so very much! Continue to stay connected with us here, through the blog and on our social media. We'll wait it out together.... 


Have a lovely week everyone! Talk to you soon,