Rowing on the Dingle Peninsula

The Naomhóg is a small rowing boat made of tarred canvas stretched over a light wooden lattice. These small boats were traditionally used for fishing and transport off the Dingle Peninsula and Blasket Islands. Sitting lightly on the water Naomhógs are easy to handle and manoeuvre. Fishermen could get nearer to the rocky shoreline than in other types of fishing boat. These traditional naomhogs, are still raced on the Dingle Peninsula during the summer months with a series of regattas in Ventry, Ballydavid, Brandon, the Maharees and Dingle.
3 naomhóg boats tied together

Dingle Regatta

Maharees Regatta

photo of Brandon Pier during regatta

Brandon Regatta

Rowing on the Dingle Peninsula

Traditional Naomhóg rowing can be seen at Dingle Marina.