CE4RT seeks to provide financial and business support to a minimum of 80 tourism SMEs (16 per country) through a programme (maximum EUR 8,000 per SME) with the following objectives: 
  1. To develop a peer-to-peer focused approach and share knowledge, expertise and best practice among tourism SMEs, in relation to the circular economy and regenerative tourism practices.
  2. To deliver hands on training for tourism SMEs in developing sustainability practices and influencing positive behavioural changes amongst visitors. 
  3. To provide funding towards achieving recognized sustainability accreditation/certification.
  4. To support tourism SMEs in the adoption of sustainable best practice through one-to-one coaching to develop sustainable plans and measure carbon footprint and coaching.
  5. To offer tourism SMEs the opportunity to participate in international networking events.
  6. To encourage tourism SMEs and other stakeholders in the development of innovative solutions towards regenerative tourism.

The Applications Can Now Be Made

This forum is design to give you an opportunity to ask questions about the programme. 

To attend please register and we will send you a Zoom link about an hour before it starts

The CE4RT project will provide funding up to 8000€ per SME (Small Medium Enterprise) from relevant business sectors. 

To qualify, please familiarise yourself with the documents below and fill in the application form online.

Full Call document for SMEs

Obligations of the participants

Informational letter

Data protection policy – MTU – Project Coordinator


The key benefits of participation in the CE4RT programme are:

  • Support and coaching in generating a profitable business.
  • Guidance in tackling climate action.
  • Training on how your SME can have a positive benefit on your community.
  • Learning how to preserve the destination including its heritage, culture and nature. 
  • Education on informing visitors of their positive impact on the destination.
  • Networking opportunities to share the journey with the wider European community. 

Additional benefits include:

  • Access to all learning materials, online training, webinars and best practice examples.
  • Meeting and learning from experts.
  • Networking and knowledge sharing with SMEs from other destinations participating in the programme. 
  • Development of a sustainability plan (strategy and action plan).
  • Support in achieving a sustainable supply chain.
  • Inclusion in promotional and dissemination activities at regional, national and EU level.

The CE4RT project is funded under Single Market Programme (SMP COSME) call – “COVID-19 Recovery through Sustainable Tourism Growth and SME Support” (SMP-COSME-2021-TOURSME).

Name of the Project: Circular Economy for Regenerative Tourism
Acronym of the Project: CE4RT
Proposal Number of the Project: 101085456
Project Duration and start date: 25 months, start: January 1st 2023
Lead partner/coordinator: Munster Technological University (MTU), Ireland