Surfing on the Dingle Peninsula

surfer on a wave
Surfing along the Dingle Peninsula….. is one of the greatest surfing experiences... with waves from the North Atlantic set against the beautiful backdrop of Irish scenery

Endless empty beaches, bordered by dramatic mountains and world class surf breaks along miles of golden sands, make Dingle Peninsula a thrilling destination for both experienced and novice surfers, ensuring a trip you won’t forget.

For the experienced surfer nothing quite beats the exhilaration of pitting mind and body against the beauty and unpredictability of the ocean, and with so many varied and unpopulated surf locations to choose from the Dingle Peninsula is pure surfing heaven. You don't even need to transport your gear as equipment such as boards and suits can be hired locally by the hour or the day.  

For the beginner or novice one of the most exciting things you can do on the Dingle Peninsula is take a surf lesson and gain some new skills while safely enjoying our fantastic scenic coastline. With a variety of surf breaks to choose from, professional instructors and very few people in the water, there is a lot of space and comfort for beginners. So, go on out there and catch that wave!

Group of surfers with their boards - Dingle Surf School

Surf Lessons and Summer Camps

There are surf lessons available on both the north and south coast of the Dingle Peninsula catering for all ages and all abilities.Surf camps for children from age 8 - 18 are also available during holiday periods and are very popular. All equipment such as wetsuits and boards are provided and group and family packages are available.

Having a north and south coast and changeable weather patterns there will often be good weather and better surf on one side of the Dingle Peninsula. For best advice talk to local activity providers who will guide you.

surfing on the Dingle peninsula with Dingle Surf School

Where to Surf on the Dingle Peninsula

Brandon Bay, the Maharees, Kilcummin and Castlgregory are the surfing centres on the north shore of the Dingle Peninsula. Inch beach is the main surfing centre on the south shore and there is a surf school in Dingle town which will bus surfers to the most suitable beach depending on weather and tides.

Surfing - Activity Providers

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