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Meet Dingle’s most famous resident Fungie! A male common bottlenose dolphin, first seen in Dingle harbour in 1983, he has been living in the bay since then. The best way to see Fungie for yourself is to take one of our boat tours and watch him splash about in the sea. There are boat trips all year round to see this wonderful mammal. During the summer months there are other ways to see Fungie, including swimming, kayaking, diving, SUP boarding and more.


Fungie is unique. His interactions with humans and length of stay in one place, is by far the longest of any dolphin or other cetacean on record, anywhere in the world. Most dolphins live in a social group, for Fungi his family pod has become the residents and visitors of the Dingle Peninsula, Fungie loves human company, and can often be seen interacting playfully with swimmers, surfers, kayakers and divers in the water. There have not been any recorded cases of Fungie being aggressive towards humans, but he is still a wild mammal, and should be treated with caution and care.

Fungi the Dingle Dolphin

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Fungie measures about 3.7m (12ft) in length and must weigh over 300kg. He is a fully grown male common bottlenose dolphin, (Tursiops Truncatus), part of a diverse group of aquatic mammals. Dolphins eat fish, of course. Fungie probably needs about 30kg a day (as dolphins eat approximately 6% pf their body weight a day!!).  The tidal waters of Dingle Bay mean both fishermen and birds find it hard to fish in the bay, so Fungie, with his state-of-the-art dolphin sonar and lightning speed, can feed safely and without rivals. He eats a variety of fish, squid and sometimes small crustaceans. Bottlenose dolphins have a life span of about 35 - 40 years in the wild, so we hope Fungie will break another world record of oldest dolphin!


* Fungie entered The Guinness Book of world records in 2010 for being the most loyal and longest staying resident wild Dolphin to any one area anywhere in the world.

Fungie the Dingle Dolphin

Fungi lives at the mouth of Dingle Harbour and boat trips run from Dingle Marina and Pier.

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