Horseriding on the Dingle Peninsula

horseriding on the Dingle Peninsula

marcaíocht ar chapall - horse riding

Horses have long been a traditional part of everyday life in Ireland, and nowhere is this more true than on the Dingle Peninsula. As late as the 1950s most farm work and ploughing was still done by the horse. A Sunday afternoon ride by horseback was an outing treasured by native and visitor alike. And what better way to connect with the beauty of nature than via the leisurely pace of the horse! Today, machines have replaced the horse on all but a few Irish farms, but dedication and affection to these trusted friends lives on through its use in leisure and sporting pursuits.

The Dingle Peninsula provides the ideal location for the freedom experienced while horse-riding or pony trekking . . . mile after mile of soaring mountains, of open grass covered hills falling gently to the sea, of tranquil, narrow, back country road lined with flowering red fuchsia and golden yellow gorse, and of sparkling, sandy beaches. If it's nature and beauty you're looking for, you'll find it here in abundance.

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Our horse riding providers tailor to individuals and groups, beginners or more experienced riders, with horses that are hand-picked for temperament and suitability. Our guides are friendly, experienced and knowledgeable and are happy to help you find the right horse for you. Contact our providers below to find out how you can experience the Dingle Peninsula, in an exciting and memorable way, whether it be a short trek on the beach, or mountain trek, or even a horse-riding camp for the kids!

Horseriding on the Dingle Peninsula

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