Ballyferriter - Baile an Fheirtéaraigh

Ballyferriter is nestled in a stunning green valley between the majestic hill of Croaghmarhin to the south and a ridge of jagged peaks to the north—Sybil Head and the Three Sisters. To the east, Smerwick Harbour caresses a two-mile long stretch of white sandy beach called Béal Bán. To the west, the mighty Atlantic is faced off by high rocky cliffs, punctuated with tiny coves and beaches just right for smuggling ... or snuggling.

The village of Ballyferriter is the only substantial village west of Dingle town. Here you'll find a Roman Catholic church, a Gárda barracks, a school, a museum with a bookshop, a shop, a café, three pubs and a hotel. (You may draw your own conclusions why we have three of one and only one of another.) The spoken language in the pubs is Irish Gaelic; everyone speaks English as well, although you may find it a bit more poetic than usual.